Robyn attended the University of Miami, school of art where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  She's been drawing and painting ever since.

"I ordered two portraits by Robyn K as gifts.  They are wonderful colored pencil renditions of my sons, drawn from photographs.  I highly recommend her work." 
— Susan C.


Since you spend lots of hours at home and at work, Robyn will create (with and for you) a mural that will make you smile every time you look at the wall.  You'll look forward to being in that space day after day.

"Robyn is a spectacular artist.  She drew a beautiful portrait of my son for his Bar Mitzvah and it's a true treasured gift."

— Mellisa P.

"Robyn is amazing! She drew a magnificent portrait of us from our wedding.  Her attention to detail really captured who we are and made the picture come to life.  Robyn is  truly a gifted artist using her talents well! "

— Miriam P.

"You can tell that Robyn loves what she does.  It shows in her work.  Robyn is very easy to speak to, and wants her clients to be very happy."

— CeCe B.

"The portrait made me tear up.  I know she'll love her gift!"

— Anjail D.

"Robyn's created a masterful piece of artwork based off of our favorite wedding photo. Guest to our home are routinely drawn to the wall where her masterpiece hangs. The focus given to every detail is apparent when you see the finished product up close. We highly recommend Robyn."

— Rivka & Yitzy B.

Client Reviews


I have a very unique style. I use colored pencils to capture the identical look from a photo of your loved one. My style makes the final portrait look almost like the person's breathing - it's so life like.
If there are multiple people, I'm able to use multiple photos to combine into one perfect piece of art.

"I received the artwork. It is amazing I can’t thank you enough, your truly talented! We are getting a frame and then hanging it. You went above and beyond and it was exactly what I imagined!"

— Matt M.